Putin secret agents ‘assassinated pro-Kremlin blogger’ as warning to Wagner warlord

Vladlen Tatarsky, aka Maxim Fomin, died on Sunday (April 2) evening after a bomb exploded in a St Petersburg cafe and insiders warn it is a message to his friend and the warlord Yevgeny Prigozhin

An insider claims that Russian secret agents are responsible for the assassination of pro-war military blogger Vladlen Tatarsky and the “traitor’s” death was a warning to the notorious Wagner boss.

Tatarsky, whose real name is Maxim Fomin, died on Sunday evening after a bomb exploded in Strit-Bar cafe in St Petersburg.

At least 30 others were injured during the blast.

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The 40-year-old “war correspondent” was handed a figurine which contained the explosive device by a woman.

Daria Trepova, 26, was arrested by Russian authorities later that day, accused of carrying out a hit on behalf of Ukrainian forces.

But Kremlin insiders have alleged the assassination was actually carried out by the FSB – the Russian security services – with the personal approval of President Putin.

Allegations claim that the hit was a warning to warlord and head of Wagner mercenary group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, who was a close friend of Tatarsky.

Prigozhin is said to have been critical of Russian top military brass over his growing role in the Ukraine war.

Darya Trepova has been detained suspicion of complicity in the Strit-Bar cafe bombing and assassination.

Kremlin insiders claimed in social media posts: “Russian President Vladimir Putin is pleased both with the investigation into the liquidation of ‘military correspondent’ Vladlen Tatarsky [Maxim Fomin].

“The liquidation of Tatarsky was a ‘brilliant’ FSB special operation according to Putin, which went exactly according to plan.

“The development of the special operation and the choice of the victim were agreed upon with the president. No pity for Tatarsky.

“In the understanding of the president, he is a traitor, which means he was a ‘legitimate’ target.

“At the time of getting acquainted with the plan of the special operation, Tatarsky was portrayed to Putin as ‘someone who lost his mind’, a moron military correspondent who got out of control and only harmed.

“The president congratulated the leadership of the FSB and recommended continuing in the same spirit.”

The killing was also part of a plan to justify the ongoing war and portray the Ukrainian leadership as terrorists, the insiders said.

The posts on social media channels added: “Terror in Russia, allegedly initiated by the ‘Ukrainian’ special services, according to the president, justifies both the ‘special military operation’ itself and its goals and objectives.

“It is important for Putin to show that he did not start the war in vain and that he is fighting terrorists who must be destroyed.”The liquidation of the military commissar Tatarsky by the ‘Ukrainian special services’ together with opposition sympathizers, Alexei Navalny, pacifists, and all other opponents of the regime, helps to justify the launch of new, even tougher repressions inside the country.”


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