Boris ‘Pinocchio’ Johnson fibbed four times but ex-PM still denies his pants are on fire

The Committee of Privileges said it was ‘obvious’ to the then PM that the boozy events broke pandemic rules. They looked at Whasapp texts, emails, pictures and witness statements

Boris “Bozo” Johnson may have misled Parliament four times about No10 lockdown parties, according to MPs.

They fear the ex-PM may have deliberately hoodwinked the House of Commons as he tried to quell outrage over the Covid rule-busting gatherings, the Committee of Privileges said.

The cross-party group said it would have been “obvious” to the then-PM that the boozy events broke pandemic rules.

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They based their conclusions on witness statements, WhatsApp messages, emails and pictures taken by a Downing Street photographer, the committee said.

But Bozo, who will appear before them later this month, last night claimed he had “believed implicitly” all events were within the rules.

He was fined by police over the law-breaking knees-ups at Downing Street – but insisted there was no evidence he “knowingly” misled colleagues.

MPs voted to launch the inquiry in April last year after opposition parties accused him of lying to Parliament. He had repeatedly denied any wrongdoing when asked in the House of Commons.

It found “evidence strongly suggests that breaches of guidance would have been obvious to Mr Johnson at the time he was at the gatherings”.

But Bozo said: “It is clear from this report that I have not committed any contempt of Parliament.”

If Bozo is found to have deceived Parliament, he could be suspended as an MP or expelled.


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